Saviours of Stories

Pirate is an audio house

with a pool of the
most diversely talented and
seasoned sound directors,
producer and composers.

Tom Eymundson / Partner-Sound Director

Vanya Drakul / Partner-Sound Director-Composer

Maggie Blouin Pearl / Executive Producer

Keith Ohman / Sound Director-Engineer

Aaron Key / Executive Producer - Film, TV and Animation

Kyle Anderson / Sound director-Engineer

Ian Boddy / Sound Director-Engineer-Composer

Alex Nursall / Sound Director-Casting

Mariella Lopez / Client Services

Gina Sorell / Business Development - Film, TV and Animation

Harleen Bhogal / Producer

Phil Wright / Composer-Media Engineer

Jessi Petta / Casting Director

Zoë Stoll / Music Supervisor-Licensing

Eddie Lombardi / Partner-CFO

Ari Posner / Musical Director-Lead Composer - Film, TV and Animation

Catherine (Cat) Nakaza / Senior Accountant

Dan Sheehy / Partner-Technical Director

Aidan Knight / Junior Engineer